Prayer Requests

  • Praise Report- Thank you for praying for my family and I. My husband who has been in tremendous pain but has had some relief and when we ran out of his medication for a couple of days he didn’t experience any pain or discomfort. Thank you also for praying for me. I finally am feeling more energy and restoration after being so deeply exhausted for so long!

  • Please pray for a family that just lost their young son.

  • Please pray for my friends who struggle with same sex attraction and have chosen to set aside those desires to live a life that honors God.

  • Please pray for my sister who just had surgery. For healing and also for God to minister to her while she is on medical leave from her job for a few weeks. She has a lot of hurts from church but has told me that she knows she needs to figure out where she is with God.

  • Please pray for my daughter and son in law. I am not sure where they are at in their relationship with the Lord and am very concerned for them.

  • My friend just passed away. Please pray for the family and friends who are grieving.

  • Please pray for a dear friend who has been going through a very difficult time because of a nurse who was vindictive and reported her to CPS. It has caused a great deal of stress. Please pray that God would be glorified in this some way, she hasn’t talked to me in months and reached out asking for prayer because of all of the heartache they are going through right now.