Daily Prayer Requests

  • My grandson hit his head in the middle of the night on a metal bar that is on his bunk/desk bed about 2 weeks ago. He's been very lethargic with increased severe headaches! He went to the ER yesterday and found out that he has a concussion. He can barely talk or function though he has been going to work part time but missed it yesterday. He is waiting for a call to get in for a brain MRI and he has a specialist to see for his brain injury.

  • We received this update from Cheri, Derick’s Mom. The last few years we have been praying for Derick who has brain cancer. “Derick had his labs today, he is about 28 days out on chemo. Today they pulled him off of chemo again because his labs/platelets have begun to tank. Thankfully he does not need platelets and his labs will be checked again in a week. It is crucial that Derick remain on chemo for 6 months to keep the brain cancer from coming back. Derick is getting discouraged and I am trying not to be. I am grateful we have a loving God that hears our prayers.”

  • Praise God for sending His son to earth to die to resurrect to give us new life and the Holy Spirit. Praise you Lord through the storms, the setbacks, the failures, the rejection and disrespect of others. Praise you Lord you are faithful and compassionate. Pray for unity among believers and peace of Jerusalem.

  • I’m new to Boise, just moved here. Love the culture, environment and the fact that I can start new and fresh here. But with that comes anxiety, job insecurity, stress and fear of the unknown. Please pray for peace, trust, faith, discernment, opportunity and wisdom.

  • Please pray for a baby who has spina bifida. Has a type of tail at bottom of spine that doctors are hoping to operate on and close so spinal fluid flows correctly. She has chordal tetherage on her back where nerves also go to wrong place in her spine so needs an operation to strengthen it so that her mobility stays and won't be paralyzed. She also needs investigation/operating on her urinary tract system. Please pray she won't need to self catheter for life. She also has a cyst on the brain that is full of spinal fluid that causes seizures which at present thankfully are small but need prayer for them not to go worse and can be operated on successfully.