Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my best friend. She is about to go through a divorce that’s been overdue by 2 years. I give her as much biblical encouragement as I can. But she does not have a relationship with Jesus. She was raised Catholic and thinks she has that relationship but does not pray, go to church, etc. I invite her all the time (maybe not enough) but she thinks it’s unnecessary. Pray for this time she is in that it will bring her to God.

  • Praise you Lord for your unending love and faithfulness to me in all seasons you are awesome and amazing God. Pray for Boise Rescue Mission ministries – pray for 2 of my friends, prayer warriors, pray for our staff and pastors here at Calvary Boise that they keep their eyes on Jesus. Pray for our country, and our leaders. Pray for revival fires and unity (Psalm 133).

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Romania, Brian and Cynthia Fouts who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Our friend and her baby arrived safely with no problems and we have been enjoying visiting with them both. She is going to be here for roughly a month. Prayers for her time here with the baby, that it will be fun and a blessing.

    • Please also pray for one of the older gentlemen in our fellowship. His back gives him problems off and on and when it does, he is unable to move for a few days. Which is very difficult for him because of his garden. Asking for a healing 

    • Please pray as well for kids, Kaidon and Sage as they help Natalie with the kids at the black sea. They are leaving on Sunday the 8th of August for a week. Asking for protection, safety.

    • Praise report Cynthia's mom seems to be settling in well in her new home with Cynthia's brother. This last week she actually recognized that this was a good move for her.