Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the 5 year old boy who is missing.

  • Please pray for my friend who is dying due to pancreatic cancer. She is now in her last days. She has a foster son, please pray for him, not sure where he is going to go or what is going to happen.

  • Please pray for my son who has just begun his journey toward the Lord at 32, he is a husband and father of three. The transformation in such a short time is incredible and exciting to see. God is so very good. The requests I bring to you today are first, for employment for my son that fits with my daughter-in-law's work schedule. Secondly, I am asking for God's provision for a second vehicle for their family. 

  • Please pray for the Ministry to Families with Special Needs to be a real help to parents and children alike. Please pray for God to bring a Behavioral Interventionist forward who is willing to work on Sundays and has a shepherds heart for families with special needs. Please pray for a space to open up that we can invest in as our own classroom that can be set up especially and uniquely for serving our families. 

  • Please pray for a friend traveling to India (very northern part) that is very unsafe. Pray for safety of travels and a blessed time with family and that he will be a blessing to his family and share Jesus with them

  • Please pray for my spouse that I have just left due to drugs and bad behavior towards me and our children. Pray for God’s love, grace, and mercy towards him. Please pray that God will give me the strength to stand my ground for a better life. I love God and know He has a plan. Please pray that I can follow his plan.