Daily Prayer Requests

  • My kids gramma has been in nursing home with dementia. She fell and broke her hip and had to have surgery on Thursday. Please pray for my ex-husbands family, for her husband and for healing, protection and strength. Her and her husband love the Lord.

  • Please pray for 3 of my friends to walk in love and truth of Jesus.

  • Please pray that my 3 siblings who have walked away from the Lord would return and be used by God in mighty ways for His glory. That their testimonies would impact many people for eternity.

  • Please pray that I would walk continually in the Spirit (always a struggle) and for healing of back pain.

  • Please pray for my husband’s business. That the owner would not be afraid of growth would be open to letting my husband buy the company.

  • Please pray for my friend whose baby passed away last week.

  • Please pray that I can come up with bikes for my kids soon.

  • Please pray that God would raise up more workers to minister to the needs of our church family.

  • Could you pray for my 13-year-old daughter- she is being worked up for leukemia and lymphoma.

  • Pray for Rescue Mission Ministries that have started back up. For God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done. For people to experience salvation, healing, to be set free and God’s divine providence in their lives.

  • Please pray for my husband to heal from surgery and ability to walk again.