• Please pray for my brother Ruben. He is going back to his old ways and his old mindset. He has brought up suicide. Pray for him and his three kids. He’s talking about hurting other people to solve some problem he has created in his own mind. Please pray that God will give me wisdom, patience, and understanding for this situation, and that He will use me to reach my brother. Pray also for peace for my heart during this very difficult time. Please pray the Spirit of God will take the fear away.

  • Please pray for me. My son and his wife have asked me to move to Boise. I am 77 and have gone to the same church for 43 years. I am very plugged in, and people notice when I’m not at church, and visit me when I’m sick. I like your church, but because of my age I’m concerned that I won’t be able to put in the effort necessary to get plugged in the way I need to. Please pray God gives me wisdom. I won’t make my decision until the spring.

  • Please pray for the family of a student in my class. The parents are believers, recently divorced and living in different states. Their daughter is in my class and is heartbroken over the divorce. She is emotional and not equipped. Also her mother just lost her job and may be pulling her from school for financial reasons. This family really needs the Lord and His mercy.

  • Please pray for a family with special needs children, that God would give them wisdom and provision if they are to move. Pray also that the parents would be able to have some time to spend alone together to recharge.