Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a young child who has been battling high fevers and seizures. He currently has a fever and is at risk of multiple seizures. Please pray for him and his family.

  • I am in contact with an organization that helps women who want to leave polygamy groups be able to leave. One girl is in need of a host home. Please pray that they find a host home for her! This girl is open to the true Gospel and has gone to bible studies.

  • Please pray for my husband’s health. He needs the Lord to make him well.

  • Please pray our moving goes well tomorrow.

  • Prayer for my back and sciatica two days ago I tripped over a wagon handle, and re-injured it.

  • Please pray that my husband would have a great time with his parents and that their relationship could be awesome, hat they’d and let go of their own ideas of who he should be, and instead interact with and know who he really is. Please pray that they’d accept him for who he is and the path he has in Jesus.

  • Please pray for my health. Also pray for peace from our Lord as I wait for test results to determine what I'm dealing with. 

  • Pray for my grandma, who is isolating herself. She struggles with depression and some delusions, and it has gotten worse since the pandemic hit. Please pray that she would be willing to receive the help we are trying to give her, and that she would be safe and healthy. She knows Jesus, so we have great peace there.

  • I had a divine appointment with a neighbor and she accepted my invitation to come to church and brought a friend.  Please pray for their salvation...the friend had some bad experiences when she was in foster care as a young girl that has affected how she views God and the church.

  • A young woman continues to make terrible choices and will most likely be kicked out of school. She calls me all the time, but only lies and make promises she doesn’t keep. Please pray for the Lord to intervene in her life.