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Daily Prayer Requests

  • I’m struggling and going through a lot, dealing with a bunch of stress and I need help

  • I’m battling an addiction right now. I’m about to lose. Please pray for me.

  • Thank you for your continued prayers for my family. My nephew was in a car accident last week, he wanted his organs to be donated and so the family did the walk of life and he passed away on Monday. Please pray for the family for this next transition.

  • I’m usually very level headed, but past hurts have caused so many nightmares last night. I pray for my heart to not be weary from this. I also pray to be useful for the kingdom of God. I dearly love people but tend to be quite and so come off as awkward and shy, I pray that God makes a change in me so I can truly do His will.

  • Please pray for me, I was released from prison a year ago. I filled out an application for housing and just found out that there is a rental available for me. Please pray that my housing goes through. I was recently laid off, please pray that I could find new work. Please pray that I will be led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Slovenia, Ales and Whitney Lajar who sent the following update: Our government has initiated a complete country lock down for 11 days (1st of April till the 11th), prohibiting all gatherings, travel, closed schools and most stores. The laws they are passing are quite illogical as we have just come out of a four months quarantine, where numbers didn't go down, despite strong restrictions. Please pray for those in our government to make wise choices, as there are so many losing hope.  This is going to be the second year that we are forced to not have an Easter service. So instead we celebrated our Lord's resurrection today (the 31st of March) since we were still allowed to meet.”