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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Thank you for praying for my nephew. Here is the most recent update. “He was in a car accident and his mind did not survive it. His body is young and vibrant and we have decided to honor his wishes and donate his organs, as he would've wanted, thinking of helping others first before himself. Please continue to pray for our family as we grieve this incredible loss of our first-born.”

  • Please pray for a couple whose 2-month-old baby passed away yesterday. The mom has some knowledge of the Lord but the dad does not. The funeral is this Sunday (4/4). Please pray for comfort from the Lord and for salvation for all who attend who do not know Jesus.

  • Please pray for my dad, for peace, comfort, hope in Jesus, as my mom passed away recently. Pray for God's peace and protection over my 3 young adult children as the anniversary of their dad's death draws near. Healing and peace, protection. Above all, they will know God's love and that God will keep them in all circumstances.

  • Please pray for my coworker and his wife. He was diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago and they are currently in the ER. They have been loving life with their children and grandchildren this past year. Please pray for peace, acceptance and His will.

  • Please pray for me that I can focus on the peace of salvation rather than my peace coming from obedience. Also, please pray for my colleagues that we will not feel targeted and disrespected if the week is not perfect for students at the overcrowded high school I work at.

  • I have a prayer request that the Lord would heal me from heart issues I'm having.

  • Please pray for an unspoken prayer request.

  • Please pray the love of God flood L., F., D.'s hearts, mind, and bring liberty. Pray for healing and that God would lead them to all that He has for them.

  • Please pray for restoration of a broken relationship. Please pray for her to be filled with the Lord’s love and to be able to open her heart up again. Please pray for him to seek the Lord in all His ways and to be a better man for her and the boys.

  • Praise- My grandsons knee is getting better each week and things are going well with his mommy here. Please continued prayers on both those.

  • Please pray for my friend, his multiple business meetings this week, God’s presence and direction. For owners of the company to trust him more and more (owner has Alzheimer’s).