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  • Please pray for my son, my new life on my own, and my divorce. Pray that God will provide if He wants me at the men’s retreat.

  • Pray for my friend battling cancer. Traveling prayers for me and my parents.

  • Pray for my friend who is figuring out a plan after finding out her husband has been cheating on her. They have a one year old baby and teenage daughter. Pray that she would draw near to the Lord, and that I can exemplify Christ’s love to them.

  • Pray for Melonie’s battle with schizophrenia and the voices that bother her and sometimes make it difficult to pray or read the Bible.

  • Pray for my friend’s husband. Doctors think he might have oral cancer. He has an appointment soon with an oral surgeon. Pray that God would heal his body. They do not have health insurance.

  • Derrick is having seizures because of his brain tumor. Trying to stretch out MRIs because of the cost. The doctors put him on new meds that make him really tired. He is also trying to hold down two jobs. Pray for his body to regulate and seizures to stop. Praying for relief for him and his son who has also struggled with health issues.

  • Please pray for Dan, who has a kidney stone lodged in the ureter.  On Thursday, doctors will decide on a course of action.  In the past surgery has been considered to dangerous because of a cardiac condition.  Please pray for the medical profession to accomplish God's will, and that Dan will rest in God's will and trust all to Him.