Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a friend’s dad who has stage 4 lung cancer and his has been going through radiation and has 9 treatments left, it’s taking a toll on his body. Please pray for healing and comfort for the family’s that are impacted by both loved ones.

  • Please pray for wisdom for me and direction on what my next step should be. I recently found out that my kid’s dad is putting them in a potentially dangerous situation. He is trying to manipulate the situation and force me to give in. I have proof of some awful things their dad has done, and am considering bringing it to the light f it’s the only way to keep my kids safe. He doesn’t seem to understand that he would go to jail if I did that or thinks I’m bluffing. I need to hear from God on what the next step is.

  • Pray for my brother-in-law and his family. Last Monday, he and his family came to the house and we had a good chat. His wife broke down while we we're talking and they are going to start attending church.

  • Pray for a woman who broke her arm two weeks ago. My wife and I went to see her and she is doing very good.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Romania, Brian and Cynthia Fouts who sent the following update and prayer requests:

    • We were able to get Sage's passport done and are waiting for her new one to come via courier. No problem with the trip or at the embassy.

    • Cynthia made it to Oregon with no problems and on Wednesday will be driving up to Washington with her Mom to start working on going through their stuff to decide what does with her to Mississippi and what needs to be sold, thrown, or given away. Pray for both of them for safe travels and also as they go through things. Her Mom has not been back there since Cynthia's dad passed away so there are going to be a lot of emotions. Asking for prayer for both of them during this time. Her mom is worried about being overwhelmed with all of the stuff that needs to be done.

    • Prayer for us while Cynthia is gone. This is the longest that she has ever been away from the kids. They are currently doing awesome. Just pray that they will continue to be helpful with all of the things around the house.

    • They extended the countries state of alert again. Which means no change one way or the other. Praying that things will loosen up as the warmer weather comes.