Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a scan I'm having on Tuesday 3/16 to see if a spot on my pancreas has grown. Please pray I'd be ready for whatever the Lord has in store. Thank you.

  • Please pray for a friend that she would have clarity, courage, knowledge and wisdom. She has to decide if I’m moving or staying, but need more thoughts and prayer to be sure.

  • My son had his 3rd brain surgery yesterday. Please pray for my sons post-surgery care as even a fever can be dangerous. Please pray Derick would have a quick recovery and that he wouldn't be required to be on any harsh, experimental treatments, that God would just touch and heal him.

  • Please pray for me as I need to move by March 31 and I have been having many health issues myself. I have no help but have hired someone so I pray that God would give me strength, order my steps and get me safely over to my new apartment.

  • Please pray for the work that is being done in India through Send Hope Now, they sent the following prayer request: The major prayer request this week is over our funds being transferred. To comply with government regulation, we have a new bank account in Delhi that we have to send our monthly funds through. This being our first month using the new account, we sent a test fund transfer last Wednesday and it still has yet to be received by our team. Guna plans to go visit the bank later this week to figure out where the funds are at. So please be praying that God gives us favor with the Indian government, the banking system, and that we overcome this issue quickly and easily. We are believing that God will give us favor for years to come.