Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praise report. My nephew is an emancipated minor. Please keep praying for the Lord to guide Him and for salvation. Thanks for your prayers.

  • Please pray for my niece. She is living a very ungodly lifestyle and says she feels so beautiful in it. Please pray that she turns to Jesus and away from this false sense of beauty in her sin.

  • Please pray for my neighbor. She doesn’t know God and suffers from deep depression. Please pray she follows Jesus and not herself.

  • Please pray for a friend who is truck driver. He isn’t able to be home much, last week was his first time home in 8 weeks and he was only able to be home for 12 hours.  Pray that the Lord would open doors for him for online Christian college.

  • Please pray for our missionary to Romania, Natalie Bridges who sent the following update and prayer requests:

    • I want to praise the Lord for more great talks with the kids in the after-school program and two of the kids informed me that all week they’ve had good more nightmares.Thank you for praying for them!  

    • Another praise report, the electricity in my parent’s house is back on and has been on since last Friday! Thank you for praying for them! 

    • We are still waiting on vaccine availability, but my colleague feels strongly about not taking the vaccine. She was told by the director that she was hired to work with the children in the orphanage and if she doesn’t get vaccinated, she will most likely lose her job.  She is one of the most amazing, loving, Godly women I know and it would be a terrible loss to all the children she helps through her music therapy sessions if she is let go.  Please pray for God to intervene and change hearts/policies so that she will be allowed to continue to be Christ’s ambassador there.  Also, her husband seriously injured his foot and it is not healing well due to his diabetes.  Please pray for his foot to heal quickly and completely.