Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my son’s health. He had an MRI that revealed some enlarged lymph nodes and he’s been referred to a bone tumor specialist. Please pray that my faith would be strengthened in this time and that I might be strong in this period “in between” while we wait for answers.

  • Please pray for the salvation of these youths: Dylan, Andy, Olivia, David, Sabastian, Spencer, Marco, Sriven.

  • Please pray for my neighbor she has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and doesn't have long to live. She knows the Lord and has hospice taking care of her.

  • Please pray for my wife and the little baby on the way.  During a previous ultrasound, while the baby appears to be healthy/moving, the doctor noticed a cyst which isn't super common I guess. Not really sure if it's serious or not, but wanted to be faithful in prayer for our baby's healing and general good health.

  • Please pray for some of our friends who have wandered from the Lord and been sucked into the philosophies of the age. My prayer in a nut-shell is that they would find Jesus again and not be distracted by the things of this world.