Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for the salvation of my grandparents.

  • Please pray for my sister’s marriage. Pray specifically that her husband will fight for not only his marriage but to find his strength in God once again.  After suffering through her illness, he is feeling devoid of hope and has succumbed to the fears of almost losing her.  He is a faithful man, but has lost the fire within him.

  • Please pray that my husband would get a job that he applied for. He is in what we hope are the final stages of the process.  This would provide incredible benefits for our family as well as the stability we lost during COVID. 

  • Please pray for Women’s Ministry and our bible studies staring next week. Pray for the facilitators and the women who join these studies to be equipped and enriched and encouraged by each other and the power of the Word.

  • Please pray for my husband who is going in for back surgery on Feb 2.