Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the salvation of my brothers and sisters.

  • Please pray for a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer, they need to do more tests to decide what to do, he doesn’t know the Lord.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Slovenia, Ales and Whitney Lajar who sent this update: Our Bible study groups are continuing to be a great source of encouragement and fellowship for the majority of the body. Many people are participating, and we've even had some new members join two different Bible study groups. Despite the quarantine, our leadership has been meeting regularly on a weekly and monthly basis online. We have successfully moved plans forward to better organize the infrastructure of Church Ministries and make plans for the coming year.

  • Please pray for a marriage that is in distress. Pray for healing and God’s provision.

  • Please pray for three kids with an abusive dad. Pray for their protection and that they are put somewhere they are loved.

  • Thank you so much for praying for our son in law - he was positive for COVID-19 and has been home sick - he is feeling much better but has a lingering cough - now our daughter is starting to feel sick. Please pray that she will heal quickly from this and won’t require medical attention.