• Please pray that God gives me direction on what to do with Matthew and JB. If JB is to be in my life, please pray that God would get through to him and pull him closer to Him. I pray for his salvation and wisdom/knowledge of God on a deeper level—renewal of his mind on Him.

  • Pray for my co-worker Deb. She had four surgeries last week. She is still critical. Pray for healing. Pray that her family would come to Jesus through this. Pray for Rod’s business contract to get signed. For Rod to walk in the Spirit, not the flesh.

  • Pray for Sarah on the world race. They’re in Cambodia now. Please pray for safety and health. Her mom is facing lots of spiritual warfare. Please pray for boldness, courage, and obedience.

  • Please pray that God would provide us with a new roof.

  • Please pray for safety for Kendall as she finishes out this school year. Pray that God would protect her from the man who is stalking her.

  • Please pray that Serenity is granted admission to the online school she has applied for.