Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that I can sleep. I am 24 weeks pregnant and haven’t been able to since I became pregnant. I sleep 1-2 hrs a night and work a long shift at the hospital. It’s affecting my job. Pray for sleep, rest and favor in my job.

  • Pray for my sister who has a bad rash all over her body. Today it spread

  • to her mouth and throat. She’s been to the doctor but is going back to urgent

  • care today.

  • Please keep praying for my 16 year old nephew that the courts will grant my mom guardianship and also an order so he can get the rest of his stuff from his dad.

  • Pray for Baby John who has surgery Oct. 19th to put tubes in his ear(s) and to see what they can do about his soft palate cleft.

  • The last CT scan I had found a small tumor on my pancreas. I will be going in for a biopsy, please pray.

  • Salvation for my mother.