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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the Women’s Bible Studies that are starting up this week. We pray for real connection and friendship, along with spiritual growth and a deeper knowledge of the Word of God.

  • Please pray for my wife’s cousin who has been in “transition” as a trans-gender female (current male wanting to transition into a female). He lives in the northwest. He has recently been going through a dark season and in a very depressive state emotionally. He is not wanting to see or talk to anyone lately.

  • Please pray for our oldest daughter Camila to return to her faith in Jesus and for Jesus to heal our family.

  • Please pray for a couple as they go through counseling to help them walk through deep family dysfunction including PTSD, separation and anxiety, not dealing with issues, etc. Please pray for their walk with Jesus. 

  • Please pray for a family, that dad gets his driving under control and for God to deliver him from his fears and triggers.  Pray that the mom can be strong while he heals.  Pray for the verbally harsh words to cease toward one another.  

  • Please pray for wisdom for a couple, their adopted 10-year-old, and their 7th grader.  They love the Lord, and it looks like they are moving soon (probably to Boise).  Pray for God to provide a church family, home, work, and all schools for the kids.  

  • Please pray for God’s hand to move in a family.  They need to see God’s faithfulness working for them.  They have experienced so much tragedy and pain.  Please pray for God to bring light and joy into what has been difficult and dark.  Pray for peace.