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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the fires burning all over California and Colorado.

  • Please pray for our son who is not doing his assignments in school. This is year 5 of this pattern and it’s such a struggle for me to force him to get them done for the whole year. We are praying he begins to understand the importance of responsibility and integrity, and finishing what he starts.

  • Thank you so much for your prayer last week. My brother Gary who had a stroke last Sunday is doing much better. They believe his bleed has stopped. He had lost some memory and sight on the right side of both eyes. He is starting physical therapy on his walking, and with all the prayers he has been getting, I believe he will continue getting better.

  • I want direction on whether the Lord want my household to stay in Idaho or move to Oregon. We want His will.

  • Please pray for rapid, uncomplicated healing for our 18 month old daughter Nyah. Her pinky finger was deeply injured Monday night.

  • Prayers for healing and strength for Lisa Harding who deals with kidney problems and is on dialysis. Prayers for her family to be strong and comforting for her and each other.

  • Please pray for healing for my left knee and hip. Also, we are going on vacation to McCall, and we are praying for a great time as a family.

  • I started a single moms group to support ladies going through divorce. Pray that I can serve and encourage them well.