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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please keep praying for God’s best for the kids in the Homes of Hope in India that are run by Send Hope, the ministry we support that cares for them. The government in India is fighting to remove some of our orphans from our homes and place them in government-run orphanages and foster care homes that push a Hindu perspective.

  • Pray for our landlord's brother. He has many physical and mental issues, but we had a chance to share the Lord with him. He asked about coming to our church sometime (in Rome). Pray that even though he was drunk at the time, the Lord would allow those seeds to find their way into his heart. Pray for he and his whole family who have known us all the years we have been in Italy. Pray for their salvation.

  • Please pray for Ales and Whitney, our missionaries in Slovenia, and their kids as they begin school this week. Pray for quick adjustment to their new studies, and that they would all be successful and do well.

  • Pray for a man who came to church for the first time this past Sunday.

  • Please pray for wisdom and the leading of God's Spirit for Hope, our missionary in Rome, as she seeks to do a Bible study with the youth girls as well as the women. Pray that the Lord will solidify what they should study together and for grace to lead it.

  • Please pray for my dad’s upcoming prostate surgery, on Friday.

  • My husband has a spot on his back that doesn’t look good.  He is going to see a dermatologist. There is history of skin cancer in his family so please pray this is clear of any malignancy.