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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for anxiety and pray that I can be less anxious.

  • I’m moving to Florida and I’m nervous about finding a new church and meeting people. I’m worried that my social anxiety will prohibit me from making friends. I hope God places positive and uplifting people in my life. I am missing connection and feel despondent many days. I struggle with mental illness and it is a daily struggle to find motivation and pleasure in life. Please pray that Gods love will be my strong foundation. I want a strong God-centered life.

  • Prayer to figure out a job and what I'm going to do after school.

  • Praying for Mitica’s back and legs, he works really hard in his garden and helping in the garden of one of the widows in or church but his back has been giving him problems which affects one of his legs as well when it’s really bad. Praying for healing and strength.

  • Prayer to continue getting in the Bible every night and to stay pure.

  • Please pray for Clark and Ann Peddicord, our missionaries from Berlin, Germany. They were in the states when COVID hit, and had to reschedule Ann’s hip replacement to last week. Praise God, things went well and she is now at home. Please pray for a quick and complete recovery, and for her rehab process. Pray also for those who are filling in the ministry gaps in Berlin while they are away.

  • Prayer for purity and wisdom for my life. Also for guidance for my brother and my dad's health.