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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Saul and Angelica Alvarez, our missionaries in Tepic, Mexico, ask that we pray for them and their church family as they resume weekend gatherings onsite. They are praying they will be allowed to do so by the government.

  • Pray the grandchildren find the Lord's path and walk with him. 

  • Please continue to pray for my grandmother's health as it is continually deteriorating and she has having minor strokes every day.

  • Pray against family illness.

  • Pray for my dynamic at work. Everything is different without working onsite, and there is a lot of miscommunication and lack of communication. It can be very frustrating. I’d like some extra grace to be able to be patient and kind while we all do our best to get through this.

  • Pray that I will have wisdom to know when to go back to the Rescue Mission Ministries. They have reopened, but I am not confident I want to start back up at this time.