• Please, Father, heal my granddaughter of her cancer. She is only 26 and has a 5 year old. Pray also for my husband, his ankle has still not healed correctly 3 years after surgery.

  • Thank you for your prayers for my brother Steve. Please pray for God’s protection for him and guidance. He is at the point of change now and needs God’s help.

  • A woman and her husband had to move their daughter and son-in-law, granddaughter and her husband and two little ones, and their grandson into their home. Then the wife has had so many health issues: surgeries, weight loss, etc. Two nights ago their daughter was put on some medication and it caused problems. She was hallucinating and got up in the night and fell and broke her femur in two places and may have broken hip.

  • Continued prayers for my wife Maya who has epilepsy and struggles with depression because of it. Pray doctors can do surgery for her problem.

  • Pray for unspoken financial requests. 

  • Continued prayers for Rod’s business for the product he sells to work with companies that are testing it. Pray for daughter Alicia to be pregnant as she is late with her period. Matthew to do well at new school (Ambrose). Safe travel next weekend going to the Washington game.

  • Thank you for praying for me not to allow my joy to be robbed. Some difficulty at work and with co-workers. Pray that He will help me have peace that God values me when I’m not valued at work, and to show God’s will whether I’m in the right job or if I’m meant to go into different work. I probably will retire in 6-8 years.