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  • Sandra Conrad asked for prayer for her Father in Simi Valley, California, who hasO.P.D.

  • I'm having a rough day and miss my wife so much!

  • Pray for my grandson before and after his surgery, and all through his treatment, and that he will be cancer free.

  • Last week, Becky Ruth’s grandma, Rose, transferred from University Hospital in Utah where she’d had major bypass surgery to St. Al’s acute care unit. Pray that she recovers completely and quickly.

  • Pray for Pastor Tucker.

  • I pray for our relationship to strengthen at the moment. There has been a lot of stress recently with raising and discipline of three boys Nathan, Rishon, and Justin, their schooling. I pray for myself Ben looking for a new job, and some family court issues that my wife Cynthia is going through. I pray the Lord helps our love to grow and be close during these stressful, challenging moments. I pray also our Lord blesses me with some more employment after work slowing down in subcontract work I have been doing.

  • Unity among disciples and followers of Christ.