Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my sister. She was traveling in Europe the last few weeks and now faces a lot of added uncertainty in her life.

  • Please pray for my sister whose daughter is in the NICU, that she wouldn’t be controlled by fear and that she would turn her life to Jesus.

  • Please pray for the women at the prison where I do a weekly service. They have closed all access to volunteers and visitors. Please pray for truth, peace, and comfort for these precious ladies during this time of added isolation. 

  • Please pray for a friend’s dad who has some serious health problems. The doctors think it has to do with his liver or blood. Pray that he would be saved.

  • Please pray for my sister Traci. She is waiting to hear back whether a second spot they found from the MRI images is cancer. They are scheduling her for a second biopsy and upon receiving results, they will decide how to proceed. She is feeling frustration not knowing what the next step is, but faithful in God’s Hands.

  • Please pray for Victor and his family as he just lost his wife to cancer. He has a daughter who lost her mom the day after her birthday. Pray for her to find a deep comfort in Jesus and for the family to unite in Jesus during this hard time. 

  • Please pray for a family as God is working among them while their son recovers from his battle with leukemia. He has some unknown pains and difficulties that are impeding him from moving about freely. Also, pray for their journey to Utah and for God’s provision at every level.