Daily Prayer Requests





 For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought.-Romans 8: 26.

The good news about that reality is that our God always knows best. Even when all we can do is wordlessly groan, God understands our hearts. He knows the root of the problem and He has the solution - - - the master key to unlock every door, and solve every problem. Pray in confidence today. God is on the move.




  • Please pray for Stacy who has been bed-ridden with what is believed to be the after affects of Lyme disease for a decade. Pray that she continues to hope in the Lord. Pray for her parents and sisters who have been her caregivers.


  • Please pray for Les Peterson who will have surgery Thursday to repair damage done to the cartilage that holds a rib in place. This is the result of a bad bout of the flu he suffered last winter. It was marked by a severe cough and required his hospitalization. The upcoming operation is pretty complicated and will require a long recovery. Pray for a successful surgery. (Les has never really recovered from the flu). Ask God to heal him completely and expedite his recovery time. Pray that Les and his wife Diane are able to walk in the confidence and power of the Holy Spirit.  

  • Please pray for  Tawni who has been broken ever since her divorce about a year and a half ago. She  also lost her first child due to premature birth and did not heal from either painful episode so she walked straight into the darkness of a scary, scary world. Recently she was transferred to Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center Please pray that she reaches out  clergy there,  that her mind is healed from the effects of drugs and that she will accept responsibility for her choices and fall on her knees to rededicate herself to our Loving Savior. Pray that her heart softens and the hardness and darkness goes away so the Light of Christ will be reveal to her again.  Pray too for her family to be comforted. The  pain has been almost unbearable for all of them.  


  • Ruth, a faithful follower of Christ, was hospitalized June 3 due  to excruciating pain. In the ER she underwent extensive testing including an  MRI.  Please pray Our  Father will give her doctors divine wisdom to correctly diagnose and treat  the problem.  May she experience God’s presence, peace, healing and abiding  love in the midst of this trial.  Please also pray for peace for her husband, Ed.  


The following are anonymous requests:


  • “Pray for me.  I’m having thyroid surgery on Wednesday, June 7th.”


  • Please pray for my children and me.


  • Pray for my family.  We are going through a rough time.