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 Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Kris who is in the hospital with sepsis from a UTI  that went to her kidneys. She is in her early forties and the doctor thinks that given her age, she should  make a full recovery. It’s still very alarming and her parents ask that we pray for her complete healing.

  • Please pray for Narcisa’s employer, Jerry, who lost his wife, Amy,  the day after Christmas.  Narcisa is nanny to Jerry’s three-year-old daughter. After years of infertility his wife gave birth to this darling three-year-old who is now motherless. Narcisa was able to get a pastor to pray with Jerry while he was in the ER with his wife. He has not yet accepted Christ as his Savior. Pray that his heart remains soft towards the Lord and that he allows Jesus to comfort him in this time of extreme pain. Pray for Narcisa to have supernatural wisdom as she shares the Lord and his love with Jerry and his family members.

  • Please continue to pray for a man who has a brain tumor and desperately needs surgery. If he pursues standard methods here in Boise he has no more than five years to live. However, he has been approved for treatment in San Francisco that may extend that prognosis. However, it is a risky procedure. Paralysis is a potential side effect and he has not yet given his authorization to pursue it because he is nervous about that possibility.  His mother asks that we pray that he will give his authorization and that the procedure will be effective and his recovery will be complete and without side effects.

  • Please pray for a young man who is a cancer survivor who has had a rough three years. His father has had many health challenges and they are both discouraged. They still believe in Jesus but are losing hope and are not very interested in praying that things get better. Pray that they will accept the truth of James 1:2 and consider it “all pure joy” when they encounter various trials and tribulations. Pray that they will persevere in their faith.

  • Please pray for Rhonda to find an affordable place to live very soon. Also pray that her relationship with her family will be healed.

  • Pray for all who are separated or contemplating divorce to allow the Lord to work in their lives and heal their relationships.