Daily Prayer Request

  • Update to previous request. My dear sweet sister in the Lord had her procedure and it is an aggressive form of breast cancer which resists treatment. More tests being done and not sure of mastectomy date right now. Please pray for a miracle!

  • Please pray that this rash would heal without having to go to the doctor and take pills again. Last time it took a month to get it under control. Please pray for me to stay hopeful in the Lord as I have other health problems.

  • Please pray for me that the Lord would provide more than we need this month to cover health costs, that the doctor’s office would get back to me in a timely manner with all the information I need. It’s very hard to get a real person on the phone sometimes.

  • Please pray for physical healing for our daughter who has chronic Lyme disease.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Sierra Leon, Alpha and Doris Bangura who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • A few ago illnesses struck the home leaving me in great distress. The situation is now under control. Thank you for your prayer and praise the Lord for his healing!

    • Also, this time last year during the rainy season, the house situation was not good at all. So many leakages had discouraged me. Because if the situation goes on like that it means more money will be needed to not only fix the roof, but also the ceiling. But today, to the glory of God, through the timely intervention of Calvary Chapel Boise, the situation has changed. Thank you to all who came to our help.

    • My prayer request is that more prayer be mounted for us, namely myself and my wife and those who are laboring with us in directly dealing with the children. Pray for good health, strength, courage and God's intervention in our lives and the children we serve. Prayer for favor, development and establishment of the Orphanage. We need pure clean water to run in the home. May God make the necessary provision.