Daily Prayer Request

  • Pray for my friend and his wife, they just found out she has stage 4 stomach cancer and was given one month to live if untreated, one year with chemo. They are believers so are trusting in God’s will but need all the prayer they can get.

  • Please pray for my nephew and his son. My nephew has a cancerous tumor on his neck. They can't operate because they would have to remove his voice box. So they are going to go with radiation. Please pray that it will be successful. His son has schizophrenia, bi-polar and has a drug problem. They are both Christians.

  • Please pray for my friend for healing from cancer.

  • Prayers that I would have more patience with my sons in this last week I’m at home with them. Running on irregular sleep lately with a newborn only makes the little things they do that I don’t want them to do seem worse and I don’t react very loving or patient towards them.

  • Pray for provision for my husband and I as we move to Boise to be near family. Please also pray that I would be able to find a part time job.

  • I feel calloused at times, and am struggling with sexual temptations and when I give in I feel so ashamed that sometimes I'll go a few days before I get back into reading God's word because I feel ashamed of myself. I don't know the right thing to pray, so all I say is "God help me" but I wonder if I am too far gone, and I don't want to be.

  • Pray that our church family would come together to support the VBS project well and experience the joy of serving the children and families.