And the apostles gathered to Jesus, and told Him all things, both what they had done, and what they had taught. Mark 6:30.

Tell Jesus. Tell Him of your joys as well as of your sorrows; tell Him of your successes as well as of your failures. Tell Him of your companions, friendships, how you spent your time, what you have said, thought, seen, done. Tell it all to Jesus. And when you tell Him do not forget to thank Him for every moment of joy, every comfort, all the help you have received all through the day.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for a Christian couple that have had a great deal of conflict with extended family. Their children have also been hit with a many health issues. This is all taking a toll on the relationship and they are having a hard time. Pray that reconciliation and humility would be evidenced in both husband and wife and that they would show love to one another and look to the Lord for all that they need.

  • Please pray for Susanna, a widow who moved here recently from Oregon and has been preyed upon by a disreputable home improvement company. They have placed a lien on her home and are threatening to sue her even though they never completed any work.  Please ask that God will intervene and she will be protected. Ask too that if she is forced to pay for the materials this firm ordered she will be able to find an honest person to help her install new windows in her home.

  • Please pray that Justin, a young man who is a cancer survivor, will stay healthy. Also ask that he will develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and depend upon the Lord for all His needs - - -spiritually, emotionally and physically. Pray that the counseling he is receiving will be of great benefit.   

  • Pleases pray for strength for Sarah through the holidays and ask for spiritual wisdom in helping the mentally disabled adults.  She is doing great and exudes the joy of Jesus every time we talk to her. 

  • Pray for Derek, who’s been under a great deal of spiritual attack. Ask that he will continue to look to Jesus. Pray that he will be able to spend Christmas with his mom and son and that they will have a joyful time united by the love of Jesus.