• Please pray for David, a young boy whose parents are both mentally challenged. Extended family is monitoring his situation and growing increasingly concerned that he is not getting proper nutrition and care. They may have to take steps to remove him from the home and that will be a difficult thing to do. Please pray for God’s wisdom and will to prevail and that all involved will lean on Jesus during this challenging time.

  • Please pray for Desiree. She lost her youngest son last year and is having panic attacks. Pray that the evil one is rebuked regarding her life. Ask that the Lord will give her peace and the ability to sleep. Above all pray for many divine appointments and a deep encounter with Jesus. 

  • Calvary Christian School teacher, Mrs. Beltran, asks us to pray for her sister Keely who was rushed to the hospital Monday with an aneurism on her brain. She had surgery Tuesday morning and seems to be doing well to the praise and glory of God.  She has a 13-year-old son and a baby daughter. Ask specifically that she will pass her swallow test. (She’s quite hungry.) the goal now is to get her left side moving again. She will have to have more procedures in the coming months.  Pray for complete and speedy healing.

  • Please pray for David who recently returned home from five years of military service. Pray that his transition back to civilian life is guided by God’s grace.

  • Please pray for Michelle’s mom, Susan, who is having knee replacement surgery soon. Pray that it all goes well to the glory of God. Pray that Susan, and Michelle’s dad, Bob, will see the truth of Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.                                                                                                  

  • Continue to pray for the Abernathy family as they deal with five-year-old Addie’s cancer. Praise God they doctors were able to mitigate her intense pain.

  The following is an anonymous requests:  

  • Please pray for a woman who is leaving a situation that was dangerous for her and her two daughters. They need to find a place to live by next Sunday April 15. Please pray that an affordable place will materialize or that someone will open up a home for them.