Financial Accountability

We want our church family to be confident in the work we are doing. If you attend, fellowship, and give at Calvary Boise, you have the right to be informed in the following ways:

1. To be informed of our church’s mission, of the way we intend to use donated resources, and of our capacity to use donations effectively.

2. To be informed of the identity of those serving on our church’s governing board, and to expect the board to exercise prudent judgment in its stewardship responsibilities.

3. To have access to our church’s most recent financial statements.

4. To give tithes and offerings cheerfully and without being pressured.

5. To be assured your gifts will be used for the ministries for which they were given.

6. To receive appropriate acknowledgement and documentation of your donations, as required by the IRS.

7. To be assured that information about your donation is handled with respect and with confidentiality to the extent provided by law.

8. To have honest and open communication and interaction with leadership, staff, and all church family members.

*Annual third-party audits available for review upon request.