In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded by a seemingly endless barrage of people and things that demand the focus of our hearts and minds. It is our desire to provide an environment where we can recalibrate our hearts and open our minds to the One who truly deserves our focus. We were made to worship, and we know that God delights to dwell with His people when our hearts are aligned, in worship, with His. As a church, we long to lift Him up in praise with one voice, just as the people did in 2 Chronicles 5:13-14; that as our praises go up, His presence might come down and that His people would be overwhelmed by His glory.

• Youth and young adult worship teams
• Children's Ministry Worship
• Worship for Small Group & Prayer Meetings

To get involved with worship ministry, fill out the worship team application, or contact our Worship Ministry Leader Seth Hale at 208.321.7440.

To get involved with the production team, fill out the production team application, or contact sound@calvaryboise.com.