Welcome Refugees

Through our connection with the Underground Persecuted Church in the Middle East, the Lord has opened a door of opportunity to serve some refugees who have fled persecution there. These refugee families have lost everything because they carry the name of Jesus in the Middle East. They are currently in Turkey, where Christians are heavily persecuted, especially those who have converted from Islam to Christianity. Their lives are in danger.

Our church family has an opportunity to sponsor these refugees and bring them to our city and our church family. When they arrive, they will receive refugee status in the US, and many of their needs will be taken care of by the government. But there are costs for the initial sponsorship. Our hope is to help them get to the US and settled in Boise.

These refugees are in great danger and need our help and support. The great news is that sponsoring them will not require much and is easy.

In order to make that possible, we are putting together a fund that is made up of at least $2,300 per person. You can see the specific needs on the back of this page.

Join us on Sunday, March 12 at 1:00PM for more info. Email at missions@calvaryboise.com for the address.

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Vahid Hakani & family ($9,200)
After meeting a secret follower of Jesus, becoming a Christian, and becoming part of the underground church house churches, Vahid was arrested and imprisoned. Despite being tortured in prison he never denied the name of Jesus. After his release, he was threatened with more arrest and torture if he associated with other Christians. Vahid knew his life was in danger, so he fled Iran and in 2015 became a refugee in Turkey. While in Turkey he has continued the call of evangelism and started a Persian-speaking church with converts from Iran and Afghanistan. Over the last few years Iranian intelligence police has repeatedly threatened Vahid with imprisonment or deportation back to Iran.

Mohammad & Narjes & their child ($6,900)
Since joining our underground house church movement, Mohammad and Najesr have endured much persecution. From having the leaders of their house church arrested and the church being scattered, to their homes being invaded by the Iranian government—forcing them to live in hiding and eventually flee to Turkey. They have continued to evangelize and help grow Bible studies.  Having been granted refugee status, they now have the opportunity to come to Boise if we can help and support them.

Yasin and son Artan ($4,600)
Yasin has endured much for following Christ in the Middle East. Her brother was martyred for his Christian faith, leaving his son Artan an orphan. Yasin adopted Artan as her own. She also had her own car wrecked by an encounter with Iranian secret forces and was left for dead. She survived, fled to Turkey, and has been there since 2013. The Turkish government is deporting Iranians and she lives under constant threat of being sent back and facing more persecution.

Mitra Naroee ($2,300)
One night, Mitra saw Jesus Christ in her room in a vision, and after that for several nights in a row she dreamed that He was calling her by my name, raising His hand towards her and saying, "Trust me and come with me." And from that moment on she became a follower of Jesus and found renewed passion and hope to live. But her strict Muslim family was angry about her decision and rejected her. Because of this rejection and her life being in danger, she was forced to flee her hometown and become a refugee in Turkey. As a result of Mitra fleeing Iran, she has not seen her children for years.

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