Week of Prayer - Wednesday Update

We have been so blessed by having many of you join us during our times of prayer together and by praying at home for these requests. God is working in amazing ways. Below is a two-minute video update from Pastor Martin and Pastor Rhett.



The following is a list of prayer requests we received from our church family, to add to your personal prayer list for today.

  • Pray that my mom would find a new place to live. Her landlords are selling the house she lives in now.

  • I just found my husband with another woman yesterday.  We just bought a house, we have two small children and my devastation knows no bounds.

  • Please pray that God does for me what I cannot do myself.

  • Pray that God will fill my children with the Holy Spirit so they accept and love Jesus as their Savior. Forgive us all of our sins.

  • Please pray for Jerry whose colon cancer screening came back positive. He and his wife Shannon have a consult scheduled this Friday. His liver enzymes are elevated as well and they are concerned about pancreatic cancer.

  • Pray for salvation for Alex, Ali, Nick and Natalie, Mike, Sara and Derek, Kody, Julie and Matthew.

  • I would like prayer for inward growth and maturity.

  • Please pray that my son’s home sells quickly and that a job is opened up in a new area. Our daughter has a boyfriend. Pray that he would be a good, honest man.

  • I am praying for deliverance from bad habits.

  • Please continue to pray for Alayna, a 14-year-old girl with special needs who is living in a dangerous home. Pray for protection and for the Lord to work in the hearts of those she lives with.

  • Pray for provision for me—they are going to start furloughing us where I work.

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Check out this video featuring Pastor Trevor Marés for some practical tips and things to avoid during your prayer time.




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