Reading Plan

Day 33 - Genesis 33

For today, read through Genesis chapter 33.


"I will lead on softly… Until I come unto my lord unto Seir." -Genesis 33:14

This was rather unworthy of the man who, the night before, had seen the face of God, and learned to prevail. The man who had seen God, and prevailed, was doubtful of his newly-given blessing! He did not realize that it would carry him through the difficulty that threatened him. He had not as yet learned to apply it to every emergency. It is a solemn lesson to those who have passed through some rapturous experience.

After blessing, often trial.—When the fair colors have been laid on, the vessel is plunged into the furnace, that they may be burnt in.

The trial frequently presents itself in the home or ordinary life.—Some are led into the wilderness to be tempted; but more often it is the contact with our Esaus that furnishes us with the supreme test of the worth of what we have received.

Failure comes from not reckoning on God.—Jacob looked at Esau's four hundred armed men, and compared his own following with despair. So Peter looked at the winds and waves. At such times we must fail, if we rely on schemes or plans, instead of saying, God is.

Oh for the peace that floweth as a river,

Making life's desert places bloom and smile;

Oh for the faith to grasp Heaven's bright "for ever"

And the shadow of earth's "little while."

We must act in faith.—If Jacob had refused to use this subterfuge, and had spoken simply and manfully, he would have found that Esau would have acquiesced and left him. The angels who had gone forward to deal with him (Gen_32:2) had done their work effectively, and God had changed his purpose.

 FB Meyer