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May 23, 2017




Nevertheless he regarded their affliction when He heard their cry:  And for their sake He remembered His covenant.  Psalm 106:44, 45.  All the promises of God in Him are yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.  2 Corinthians 1:20.




Little Judah Brown finally has a diagnosis! His appendix has ruptured. Praise God he was moved to a children’s hospital. Had he simply gone home to recover from a suspected virus his prognosis would have been very, very poor.  He is being treated and his parents are increasingly hopeful. They do ask that we continue to pray:

  • For Judah’s complete healing. There’s still a lot that has to be done to clear out the sepsis prior to an appendectomy.
  • For his mom Becca, who suffers chronic pain and is waiting for her neuro-surgeon to confirm the date for her next operation. Pray that she too is completely healed.
  • For Judah’s five siblings who miss their parents and are worried about their brother.  Praise God that Marlon’s parents are in Vancouver and Becca’s mom and dad are arriving soon.



  • Pray for Michelle who is suffering to a virus. Ask that she will be completely healed.


  • Please pray for Alyssa, our church receptionist. She will be having an amniocentesis on Thursday May 25 pray that the Lord will be glorified in every step of this pregnancy. Pray that baby Zimmerlee will be a great blessing to her parents and many others.



  • Please pray that God gives me the ability to be disciplined with my finances and obligations. Please ask Him to help me pay my bills fully on the first of the month. Pray that I have power over my tendency to sedate, myself. Pray that my chemical imbalance does not take over my life. Pray for the resolution of legal matters  that involved me. Ask that I have power to do what Christ needs me to do. Above all ask that I have a new beginning in my life and that I am set free.



  • Alex has lung cancer that’s metastasized to his brain. Stanford is prepared to treat him with specialized radiation but his insurance told Stanford that it will not cover the treatment because he is out of the network. This is not the case.  Please pray for the misunderstanding to be resolved and that Alex will continue to feel God’s presence in the midst of this, and that he will call out to the Lord for healing for his mind, body and soul.  Please pray for peace for his wife Sabrina.