May 13, 2017

 If I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear. Psalm 66:18.

It’s always a good idea to let the Holy Spirit poke around in our hearts before we pray. He has a way of revealing the dark, secret places we tend to ignore. He can deal with them, too, and His methods are never harsh. In fact, they’re always in our best interest. So, before you lift up these requests from our church family, pray for greater insight into the ways you can be refreshed by a Spirit of repentance. It’ll help you better reflect the life and love of Jesus and propel you down a path of Christian maturity.

Also pray for this weekend’s services. This is Family Sunday. Elementary kids will remain in the sanctuary for the sermon. Children’s Ministry Pastor Rhett Allen will teach and we’ll all learn how important it is to share our faith with the younger generation. Pray that the kids will be engaged and that adults will be inspired.

• Pray for Jack to find the right car. His is on its last wheels.

• Please pray for school, homework, friends, teachers and most of all my family to do our best and follow Jesus. ·

• Pray for successful surgery I have scheduled for August 13. Pray that I will recover soon after.

• Pray that a believer will find a good sublet in New York.

• Please pray for Rosa: Please pray for her finances and that her family would be saved, and that she continues to grow in the Lord. Thank you and God Bless You.

• The Bruton family band Credenda has made it as far as St. Louis Missouri. They are trying to get to Nashville to see what the Lord has for them in the music industry. Their funds are low and they still need a place to stay in Nashville. Pray for miraculous divine appointments.

• Please pray for Martha who has had two brain surgeries in 12 days and will be in the Boise area for 30 days as she recuperates. Ask that God is with her in every step of her recovery. Pray that the swelling on her brain goes down and that she is fully restored to health. Ask that God will remove any fear or sense of despair or discouragement and replace those feelings with hope.