Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praises! A man we have been praying for who was admitted to the hospital because of low oxygen levels was released today with no restrictions!  Thank you for the prayers!! 

  • Pray for D’s workload in January. Major deadlines Jan 31st. Pray for focus & peace in the “stress”. 

  • Pray for my son and his wife as they are apart for his 6month deployment. May they grow closer to Jesus during this time. 

  • Pray for our daughter and baby as she is in 5th month of pregnancy. Thank you.


  • Thank you for your prayers, my husband finished his radiation and is doing better and getting stronger. Prayers for N’s eyes, she has already had one surgery on her left eye. Now she is going to have another surgery on her left eye & her right eye at one time. So she’ll be totally blind for a least 24 hrs. Peace for her, Jan 17th at 8:30am is the date for her surgery. 

  • Praise you Lord for another day to be the salt and light of the earth. Praise you Lord, I call you all mine. Praise you in the morning and night. Praise you Lord, I’m fighting the good fight.

  • Please continue to pray for A, her father & those who will be making decisions regarding placement at home or group home. 

  • Urgently pray for Maral in Turkey. Can you pray that the Lord would open up her lungs with fresh air?  Can you pray that whatever infection that is in her blood stream would be healed in the name of Jesus?  She has been extremely sick 3 times in the past 3 months. 

  • Pray for a young lady who tested positive for Covid and her mother who has a compromised immune system due to her recent battle with breast cancer. She has been in direct contact with her since she lives at home with her mom.