Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for a step mother-in-law who just found out that she has breast cancer. Pray for her meeting on Monday with the surgeon and the oncologist to go well and that all can be removed.

  • Please pray for my friend because yesterday she went through a procedure and has asked that we pray for her health and well-being.  She’s been through a lot lately and could use the tangible hand of God to comfort and even heal her body and her soul.

  • Please pray for our sobriety and for our children's sobriety, thank you!

  • Please pray for my friends baby. Ultrasound showed that there is a birth defect but the extent is not known yet.  They are first time parent's and afraid.

  • Please pray that my friend's horse - she's at the equine hospital and they are trying to save her eyes from blindness due to infection, one is dissolving/melting so praying for a miracle. Please also pray for my 2 horses. I recently got back into them, and it's been very discouraging that both are lame/injured. I had hoped they would be a blessing to others and it's just been one issue after another, and haven’t been able to use them.

  • Continue prayer for my husband for wisdom to run Bio-tech.