• Pray for Rod that his business goes smoothly while we are gone. 

  • Please pray for miraculous healing, divine protection, divine guidance, financial blessings, and wisdom for Cynthia Porter; Donna Porter and her pets; Debora Koenig and her family and their pets; Valerie Denny and her family and their pets; and Julio Caraballo.

  • Please pray for my sister Kim. She and her husband Stephen have decided to file for divorce. He lives in Germany and she is in Idaho. She mailed the paperwork to him on Friday. 

  • Please pray for Kendra who had a death in her family.

  • Please pray for my family. Since my divorce 6 years ago, my relationship with my son (17) has suffered. He is angry and resentful and will not talk to me. Please pray that our relationship will be healed and that his heart would be softened by drawing closer to the Lord. Pray for him as he is influenced by his father and stepmother, that they would be careful with their words. Pray also for my 12-year-old daughter, who is also struggling with hurt and anger. Pray that I would be able to raise her in the ways of the Lord. I believe God can work miracles for both of my children.

  • Pray for more divine appointments.

  • Please pray for Melissa who lost her sister last week.