Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our families to be healed and strengthened in Jesus.  Pray for our street ministries and our elderly.  Pray for unity among our believers/brethren.
  • Pray for family unity.
  • Please pray for Brent and Hope and the church in Rome. Right now they are essentially on lockdown to help contain the spread of coronavirus. Brent and his are well and at peace. They ask prayer for wisdom for those governing, for the sick, for miraculous healings, and that a vaccine would be quickly made. During this sensitive time, pray for hearts to be softened towards spiritual reality, for repentance, and salvation.
  • I have a deeply rooted sin habit that I’ve not yet been able to get rid of. Please pray that God will do absolutely whatever it takes, no matter what the cost is to me, in order to gouge out, root out, and destroy this sin issue from my life. Second, since God’s love is unrelenting, pray that God will assign Christians with that same unrelenting love to fast and pray for me with dedication until I’m completely delivered. Third, pray that I will do whatever it takes to seek God’s cleansing, purity, deliverance, with fasting and prayer. Pray that I will have the intense zeal to be pure before God, and that my zeal will be combined with the wisdom and knowledge of Christ (Proverbs 19:2, Romans 10:2).
  • Praise the Lord, He is working in my life.  I should be getting my son Emerson this month.  Pray for my son and me.
  • Please lift my son Corri up in prayer.  He is in prison.  We are going through a court hearing for my granddaughter Electra to come back into our lives. Pray the judge makes a ruling in our favor to have some visitation time with her.  Pray that God touches Julie’s heart to soften her heart.  We love her.  We need as a family to have our little Electra back in our lives.  I proclaim this in the name of Jesus Christ.