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  • Ask God to heal Shannon from colon cancer.  She needs Jesus in her life.  Pray for her salvation. 

  • Pray for Thelma who has colon problems from the antibiotics she has taken over the past years.  Pray for the healing of her colon.

  • Last week we prayed for Rich who had a heart valve replaced last Wednesday. Continue to pray for his health and especially his rapid healing from surgery.

  • Praise God! Matt is doing well in school. Pray that he has a successful year in second grade.  Pray for our family to walk in the Holy Spirit every moment.

  • Please pray for Adam, who has had a severe setback with his sciatica nerve pain and degenerative spinal disc. The pain is so bad, he has been in bed since Friday and can barely walk due to extreme pain, has to crawl. He can't ride in a car due to the pain, so he will have to miss church, etc. until he gets relief.

  • Please pray for a man who is falling deep back into addiction. Pray that God would heal him from this addiction.

  • Please help me Lord to come closer to you and pray for my friends and family to be free from all addictions.

  • Pray for my probation, fines, and restitution to be paid very swiftly.

  •  Prayer for the people in Texas who have been affected by the hurricane.

  • Pray for me to be strong and be able to make positive progress through each day.  Help me fight the temptation to just go back to sleep and waste the day. Prayer for my health and ask God to give me the drive to do what is necessary to improve it.