Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Matti whose dad has cancer and has been told he has four weeks to live.

  • Please pray for financial provision, and for healing in my relationship with my estranged wife. I want God’s will.

  • Please pray for my son, Denny, who is 35 years old and struggling with addiction and depression.

  • Lord please help me with my anxiety disorder and OCD. It’s making me not live for You.

  • Please pray for my friend Gabriel who is in a u-turn for Christ program.

  • Please pray for Patti who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • Pray for Brenda for wisdom, provision, direction, safety, and healing from the numbness and the inability to feel the heating pad which creates danger of burning herself.

  • Pray that the Lord would provide a connection to minister to my coworkers.

  • Pray that Jennifer’s family can work together again after recently being reunited after 11 months. She lived on the streets for 4 months. She is back with her son’s dad. He is trying to sway her into becoming a Mormon. She's not attending any church and would like some prayer for guidance and to trust in the Lord.