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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for deliverance and healing of relationships within for our family. Pray for the whole family to restore their faith in Jesus.

  • Please keep praying for my sister Sheri. She is out of intensive care. Still no feeling from her waist down. The doctors are trying to figure out if her paralysis is from Guillane Barre or another issue or both. More questions than answers but she is looking at weeks of treatment and months or more of recovery. Please keep her and our family in prayers as we move forward. She's grateful but there are so many questions going forward.

  • Please pray that I will be able to accept mended relationships in His will.

  • Please pray for baby Tucker. He is in the ER and on a breathing tube. He needs to grow and gain weight so that he can have heart surgery in Seattle in 5 weeks.

  • Please pray for Sam who is in Jerome County jail facing a federal charge of handling a firearm as a felon. His health is suffering, but his faith has been strong.

  • Please pray for my grandson whose father is living as a transgender and with another man. My grandson has autism and his father is now fighting for joint custody. I feel this will be confusing to him. Please pray the Holy Spirit protects him and his mom and dad.

  • Please pray for Tara for a safe delivery of her baby boy, she is overdue right now.