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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that I wait for God’s timing in the relationship I’m in. That He strengthens my faith. That the man I’m involved with will allow God to truly work in his life and peace for everything happening in his life. I need to also have acceptance if the season with our relationship is over.

  • Please pray for my friends Jackie and Travis. Their daughter committed suicide on Monday. She was 16. Please pray for the Lord to be with them in their grief.

  • Please pray that the Lord would soften my heart against those who have wronged me.

  • Please pray for Tim and his wife, who are going through a difficult time. His wife is suffering from a debilitating illness, and to date the medication and treatment has not been effective. Because of this, Tim has had to cut back on the amount of hours he is able to work, making it hard to make ends meet. They are believers and are grateful for our prayers.

  • Please pray for Jaydon and his mom as they return to Florida.

  • Please pray that the skin grafts I had to get will take even though the doctor says some didn’t.

  • Good news! I got a job! Thank everyone for your prayers! Bad news, it’s in Washington. Please pray that it is a good job and that I find a good church to say in the word of God and I can catch up on bills.

  • I’d like to pray that I’ll overcome my cycle of sexual sin as I seek freedom through Christ.