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  • Please ask the Lord to deliver my son Elisha from the evil one.

  • Pray for my grandparents as they travel to Seattle for his surgery to remove cancer.  Pray that they can be healthy and that he can heal well.

  • Please pray for God’s plan to fill a judge’s heart in deciding the future plan and placement of my foster grandson so he’s with the proper family member or stays in my family (which is selfishly preferred) so he continues to grow in Christ.

  • A man is in the hospital in critical condition in the ICU and is in need of prayer. He says he is barely hanging on. Specifically, his son says: “He’s on a pacemaker, with a super high blood sugar count, his kidneys are messed up, lungs are full of fluid so he’s having a hard time breathing. He is doing much better this afternoon but we still need his heart to keep healing and the electrical system to keep coming back, his lungs to open up more and his kidneys to come back to fully functioning also he has some trauma and is afraid to sleep."

  • Pray for my sons Elisha and Ezra. Ask that the Lord’s Spirit touches them and changes their lives and turns them back to Him and His amazing mercy and grace.

  • Thank you for your many prayers for my brother Steve and my late brother Greg’s son Caleb.  Please continue to ask God to give Steve clear direction in major changes ahead and for healing for both him and Caleb.

  • Pray for Sarah, who is going on a nine-month mission trip.  She leaves 9/11 and will be traveling to five countries. Please pray for her health and safety.

  • My husband and I would appreciate prayer for our family.  In May of 2016, we experienced our second miscarriage.  We have two beautiful children already.  Since May of 2016, we have been unable to conceive again.  We would love another child, but are unsure of God’s plan for us.

  • An anonymous person just states, “I need a lot of prayer.“

  • Please pray for all believers’ unsaved loved ones.