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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Our daughter-in-law’s mother Connie was airlifted to the hospital due to a heart attack. She is scheduled for surgery Sunday night if not sooner.

  • Pray for much fruit from the upcoming Weekend to Remember event.

  • Pray for the details for Nile and Mariko’s upcoming wedding.

  • Kyle and Rebecca are getting married soon. Please pray for God’s grace to cover everything that needs to be done, and that their marriage would be founded and built upon His love.

  • Pray for all the preparations being made for Boise Harvest on May 1-3. Pray for hearts to be prepared, and that many will come to Christ.

  • Pray for Bill Spring’s health issues.

  • It was discovered that my wife Linda has a hole in her heart, and she is going in for heart surgery on March 10 in Utah. Pray our Almighty God heals her.

  • Pray for: rescue missions, our jobs, our neighborhoods, our unsaved family, pece of Jerusalem, unity among believers.

  • Pray for Christy and Vi to be healed form cancer. For an easy, smooth transition and less stress. Pray also for my brother’s health.

  • I’d like to pray that God would forgive me for my sexual immorality that began since middle school so I can be free with and through Him, not by myself.