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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my son Tyler. He has an opioid addiction that has turned into marijuana keeping him from his family and pretty much life!

  • Please pray for healing for a man with leukemia.

  • Please pray for Linda, a grandma who is raising her two grandchildren. They were in a car accident a couple of days ago. Linda has a concussion and many stitches. The girl Isabella had a metal rod put in her leg and will need more surgery. Not sure about the little boy's condition.

  • Pray blessings for Tom and Pam.

  • Pray for me as I enter this difficult time in a relationship. Pray that Christ strengthens and emboldens my heart as I prepare to give the truth. Please let him soften the hearts of everyone involved so that we both may lean into His plan and that we will speak gently and softly to one another even though we are in pain. Pray that my boyfriend sees my heart. And please pray for the brokenness we’ve lived with all of our lives that has led us both to this point.

  • Please pray for my uncle David. He is in hospital again with breathing problems. He needs help at home or to go into a nursing home. He isn’t saved and doesn’t want to hear anything about Jesus.

  • The Dueno family was in a bad car accident on their way home from vacation. All are hospitalized, and their daughter was flown to a different hospital.

  • Please continue to pray for Nichole that God will help her and His will be done. Pray for my brothers Rod and Larry that they will come to believe in Jesus and be saved!

  • Pray for Tom, that the needs at his home will be covered.